Internships in Sports & Athletics

Sports are thrilling to watch. One play, hit, swing, kick, or catch can make or break the game, match, or season. This excitement makes athletics popular all over the world. Sports are an outlet for physical activity enjoyed by all cultures. Every small town, big city, and country has some form of sports program for people to get out, be active, and be entertained.

From peewee leagues to Olympic Games and everything in between, sports are big business: volleyball, basketball, football, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, golf, fishing, skiing, Olympics, and the list goes on. Billions of dollars are spent on facilities, players, teams, merchandise, gear, apparel, and television rights. Everyone enjoys athletics and with so many sports there are lots of internship opportunities for people like you.

Internships for Sports Management & Administration Majors

Sports management internships are for those that love the game. It’s a chance to be a part of athletics, even if you couldn’t make it at a professional level. Sports management is about the business of sports. It’s what goes on behind the scenes that keeps millions of fans worldwide entertained and coming back for more. As an intern, you’ll learn all about the hard work necessary to make sure game day goes smoothly.

Sports management and administration is a multi-faceted business where interns can do any number of things. They may be in the office, behind the scenes, or on the field. There are plenty of opportunities in sports management to deal with athletes, teams, coaches, fans, and business executives.

Featured Sports Internship Programs

Every intern’s experience is different.

During an internship in the athletic industry there are so many fields and sports to explore. Interns may learn the business by sitting in press boxes, interacting with fans, interviewing athletes, searching for statistics, operating scoreboards, writing press releases, developing marketing campaigns, creating sportswear, managing facilities, selling merchandise, running accounting reports, working with HR, or any number of things that make a business run smoothly.

If you are a fan of sports, a former athlete, or business minded student then seek out a sports management internship. It could be a major stepping-stone to a career in sports. And in this industry there are plenty of career paths to choose.

Reasons to Intern in Sports

Working in the sports industry is thrilling. To be a part of the energy, the sport, and the business is exciting. You may not spend every day on the field with athletic superstars; instead you may be in an office or a stadium working the magic behind the scenes that makes those sporting events, television productions, or teams thrive.

Interning in sports management under experienced, professional mentors will help you apply everything you have learned in school and help you make wise career decisions that will set you up for a successful career in sports.

Behind the scenes or on the field, the sports industry is growing and needs eager interns like you. Be sure to browse the following pages on to learn more about sports management internship opportunities and tips on how to find them. Game on.

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