YAI/NIPD Internships

Based in New York City, YAI has been providing services for people with developmental disabilities for more than 50 years. Expanding their reach to New Jersey, Rockland, Westchester, Long Island and even Puerto Rico through the YAI/NIPD Network, YAI delivers residential, day treatment, educational and clinical services to more than 1500 clients every year.

Interning with YAI/NIPD

The multi-faceted nature of YAI’s programs allows interns to explore many areas of the non-profit business. Social work students can take advantage of the ability to shadow case managers and counselors, while recent graduates in business or communications can be placed full time in the Development or Professional Information departments. There are many opportunities to take your experience beyond the internship period and into a full career.

How to Apply:

Submit your resume via YAI’s online recruiting website www.yaidreamcareers.com. You can use the page to search for specific opportunities, or follow the internships link. Consider contact YAI’s central office if you do not see an opportunity that suits you, as you may be able to set up a placement outside of the traditional internship program.


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