Internships with Social Media Companies

How many social media sites do you visit regularly? Social media is a major form of communication. Technology has allowed this niche to blossom and it’s a booming place for people seeking internships. Interning with a social media company may make you think about young interns earning college credit and building resumes by posting on Facebook and tweeting to fans on Twitter, but social media internships are more than that.

Billions of people from every corner of the globe use social media on a daily basis. Social media accounts for 20% of all online usage. It’s easily accessible, provides a pinch of anonymity, and is the new way that we communicate. People from all over the world are creating global communities, generating dialogue, inciting revolutions, and sharing ideas, reviews, statuses, and pictures from computers, tablets, and smartphones And it all happens through the web and mobile based technology. Social media is everywhere.

Forms of Social Media

According to authors Kaplan and Haenlein, there are six forms of social media:

  • collaborative projects,
  • blogs and microblogs,
  • content communities,
  • social networking sites,
  • virtual game worlds, and
  • virtual social worlds.

These include popular outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Yelp, LinkedIn, Yammer, Stumbleupon, plus countless others you may not have ever heard of. All of these social media companies need interns to help explore and expand the social media world. Not to mention that almost every company (not necessarily social media based) in the world uses social media to engage customers and fans. There are lots of internship options.

Social media is incredibly important for every company. Companies actively seek students who are studying social media, marketing, software engineering, public relations, communications, business, and language. Interns with these majors can help drive social media success even further. Many social media companies have grown past the point of start-up projects and now involve all of the other aspects of major, billion dollar businesses. This means lots of internship opportunities in a variety of different departments.

Featured Social Media Internship Programs

Social media is often entirely based on user-generated content that people want to access. Consequently, to reach their fans, businesses want to advertise and market via social media websites. This creates a lot of revenue for the big social media companies, which also means that interns are almost always paid well and are entitled to plenty of perks.

Along with getting paid, earning college credit, building a resume, and developing career skills, social media interns enjoy such things as game rooms, happy hours, casual dress, discounts, and other cool things like free laptops.

Seize the Opportunity

It may not seem like it, but social media internships aren’t only for the Facebook and Twitter fanatics out there. Social media is big business where there are many opportunities for people behind the scenes to prosper. There are internships in human resources, corporate, coding, analysis, engineering, design, management, monetization, user experience, and any other department offered by big businesses. Social media companies are excited to embrace your youthful intern enthusiasm and make you a part of the team.

Social media interns spend their days honing their skills and learning about the big social media companies. Internships are an opportunity to see how the social media world really ticks. From cushy offices using high tech computers, the social media phenomenon is taking over the way we communicate. As an intern you get to see the highs and lows, the ins and outs, and in the process set yourself up for an exciting career in the world of social media.

If an internship in this global, technology-based, social phenomenon sounds exciting to you, then browse the following pages of to learn about the best social media internships available.

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