Hewlett-Packard Company Fellowships

The Hewlett-Packard Company is most known for its foundation built on technology and is a great opportunity for those in engineering. Its fellowship program is meant to provide support for extremely creative researchers that are early on in the development of their careers.

Faculty members or those who have already become established are less likely to receive the position.

Nominations for the program come from the president of the individual’s institution and are selected from a panel of judges. To be eligible applicants must meet fairly stringent eligibility and application requirements.

A nominee will fill out an online application including a research statement, a list of previous professional positions, and at least four references. If you receive this fellowship you’ll enjoy many exciting responsibilities.

Fellows are encouraged to strengthen their ability to complete individual research, give oral and poster presentations, and will be invited to participate in the annual Packard Fellows Meeting. This fellowship is best suited for those who are hard working, take initiative, and able to work individually.

To be considered for this position, one must send in the application by the end of May.

In order to apply for this position, and for other information, visit http://packard.org/.


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