ICE – International Cooperative Education Placements

ICE is an international, fee-for-service placement organization that places young people in a variety of work environments, most of which are paid work. There are placements at virtually every level of industry, from supermarkets to banks, all of which are in ICE‘s "target countries" in Australia, South America, Western Europe and Southeast Asia.

Pay is based on local rates, and these internships will not make you rich. In general, paid internships are designed to give you just enough money to get by, and international internships are no exception. You’ll find that salaries are much lower in some of the Asian and South American countries as the cost of living drops.

The most interesting thing about ICE is undoubtedly their placements. In England, for example, interns are placed at the Mini-Cooper auto plant. Interns in Argentina have the opportunity to be journalists, while those venturing to Switzerland may work in the country’s largest department store!

Virtually all programs require at least a basic knowledge of the home language, and are open to undergraduate students and recent graduates between 18 and 30 years old.

Tip: Don’t be put off if the work sounds boring. Most internship work is! Just remember that you’ll be working while learning a new language, customs and business which can keep things interesting when the tasks are anything but.


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