Public Relations Internships with Golin/Harris

A leader in the field of international public relations is Golin/Harris. This 50 year old firm spans five continents, and is affiliated with more than 33 smaller agencies, meaning that an internship with them could take you just about anywhere.

Interning at Golin/Harris

An internship in public relations can be the perfect bridge between fields for candidates with diverse interests. For example, someone with a penchant for snappy writing and a love of automobiles might seek out an internship with GM’s public relations department. Often, public relations and marketing duties are outsourced to the experts, either small specialty or "boutique" agencies or large, multi-national PR firms like Golin Harris. As an intern, you will be assigned to an Account Representative who handles a number of clients, usually in the same industry or area.

How to Apply:

College juniors, seniors and recent graduates are invited to apply for internship positions at any of their international locations, working on accounts for such heavy-hitters as Yahoo! and Nintendo, down to local businesses around the world.

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