Internships with KPMG

KPMG is one of world’s largest professional service companies. As a Fortune 100 company, it operates in 150 countries and employs 23,000 people. It is known as one of the Big Four Accounting Firms in the US. KPMG focuses on Audit, Tax, and Advisory services with sub-divisions in Management Consulting, Risk Consulting, and Transactions & Restructuring.

KPMG is focused on providing ongoing training for all levels of employees and interns, which is why it has developed a reputation for offering one of the best internship opportunities around.

Interning at KPMG

Interns at KPMG interact with some of the best in the business. They are treated as first year workers and their internship provides real life work experience. Internships are offered in Audit, Tax, or Advisory departments.

The KPMG internship process is unique because all interns must attend a national training program that ensures quality knowledge, networking opportunities, and mentors. This training is done before they head to offices around the country to start work.

Interns are also able to Build Your Own Internship, where they can customize their intern experience by splitting their time between two departments so they can learn and explore what they are passionate about.

There are also opportunities for student interns to take part in the Global Internship Program. This option gives interns a taste of the global business world – half of the internship is spent in the US learning about the product and half is spend working abroad with global accounts, different languages, and unique cultures.

KPMG internships provide a well-rounded experience in a high paid, high performance internship environment. Approximately 80% of interns go on to permanent positions at KPMG.

To get a true perspective of internships with KPMG be sure to visit the Intern Journals in the Video Library on the Internship page.

How To Apply

KPMG recruits at a variety of universities. To learn more about KPMG internships, create a profile at the KPMG Campus website.

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