Summer Internships for High Schoolers

It’s never too early to start thinking about a job, and the summer offers a perfect opportunity for some younger students to participate in special internship programs designed specifically for high school students. If you’ve thought about getting a high school internship, look at these top programs to begin your search.

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For those who are ready to work:

Microsoft (

Microsoft offers a competitive internship program for juniors and seniors living in the Puget Sound area. A paid internship, students commit to full-time (40 hrs/week, although some will work less) for the duration of their summer. In return, they get an insider’s look at the development of some of the most widely used software in the world. Due to the technical nature of the internship, Microsoft seeks high school interns who have a basic knowledge of HTML and Visual Basic (although this is not necessarily a requirement for the internship). The application itself is relatively straightforward, but be prepared to convince Microsoft that you are passionate about technology beyond your schoolwork, and have a teacher or club leader write a recommendation for you.

Deadline: March 7
Notification: May 30

For History Buffs:

Smithsonian Institute (

The Smithsonian Internship Program is as prestigious and expansive as the museums’ many collections. Students and professionals of all ages, and interested in any aspect of history and restoration, can find an opportunity at the Smithsonian; they employ more than 900 interns every year at one of their 17 facilities. With some of the most structured internship experiences in the industry, those fortunate enough to earn a spot in the Smithsonian program won’t be disappointed with the diversity and rigor of the work they are given. This extends all the way to the high school level, and students as young as 16 can apply to anyone of the Smithsonian’s programs, however, due to the full-time commitment (40 hours/week) most high school interns at the Smithsonian will only be able to participate in the summer opportunities. All internships are local to Washington D.C.

Deadlines: Summer – February 15; Fall – July 15; Spring – October 15
Notification: Rolling

For those who aren’t sure:

For the Young Activist:

Constitutional Rights Foundation (

The Constitutional Rights Foundation facilitates a Youth Internship Program for high school students in the Los Angeles area. With the theme of youth empower an activism, CRF works with local businesses to find paid job placements in the arts, business and law. The seven-week internship experience is further supplemented by educational seminars which take place during the first and last week of the program, as well as every Friday. The programs were designed to give young people from lower-income families, particularly those with single parents and/or parents who have not attended college, access to internship opportunities. Interns must be sophomores or juniors in college, and will need to write a one-page essay expressing their interest in an internship. There are three internship program tracks that take place from March through August, with varying deadlines for each. See for more details about deadlines and application.

Deadlines: Rolling
Notification: Rolling

For those ready to get their hands dirty:

AmeriCorps*NCCC Summer Program

Like the AmeriCorps*NCCC summer program, the summer program offers the opportunity to gain work experience through teamwork and service learning. Open to 14-17 year olds, this opportunity is open to those living in or around the major NCCC campuses: Sacramento, Denver and New Orleans. However, while you’ll be based there you’ll be working all over the country, with projects ranging in length and type through partnerships with local non-profit organizations and government agencies. Since the NCCC motto is “Getting Things Done,” you’ll truly get to experience hard work, often labor intensive like building houses with Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans, pulling weeds at an arboretum in Memphis, or hauling oranges at a food bank in Los Angeles. The program lasts for 8 weeks.

Deadlines: February 15
Notification: April 15


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