Book Publishing Internships with Random House

Some of the most competitive internship programs are those at the major publishing houses, like Simon & Schuster, Doubleday, and Random House.

At Random House, you will have the opportunity to be placed in one of the many imprints (including Doubleday or Random House Children’s) or in the corporate office. Most internships are in New York City, but there are some in Baltimore, Maryland at the Operations Center.

The program is only open to college juniors, and preference is given to those with a genuine interest in book publishing (not necessarily just book reading).

While their largest program is in the summer, fall placements are also available.

Interning at Random House

The summer program lasts for 10 weeks, and is incredibly structured, with the ultimately goal being to find out whether or not you would be the right person to work at Random House long term. Many alumni are recruited into full time positions, and those who are not become incredibly competitive for other book publishing position.

How to Apply:

Potential Random House interns should start the process as soon as possible, and should pay special attention to making their resume perfect and free from errors (you’ll have a bunch of editors reading it, and they’ll be looking for mistakes). The best candidates are those who were active in newspaper or literary magazines during college, or who have other deadline-driven publishing experience.

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