Internships with Microsoft

Like Apple, Microsoft needs little introduction, and produces and develops the world’s most used software. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft employs more than 70,000 people worldwide, and continues to be a leader in software and hardware.

Interning at Microsoft

Microsoft takes pride in treating its interns like real employees, having them join project groups and assigning tasks that could potentially impact national initiatives and strategies. These groups fall into a number of categories, some outside of software and hardware development like User Experience and Marketing. The perks don’t stop with a real-life work experience. Microsoft interns also receive paid travel to Microsoft (including subsidies for bike purchase/rental!), health club memberships, and discounts on software.

In Focus: Former Interns Now at Microsoft

How to Apply:

Apply to a specific group via the Microsoft "College Careers": This will walk you through the resume building process.


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