Internships for Computer Science Students

It’s been pretty well established that people who choose to work in computer industry are smart and driven. Technology internships are popular, plentiful, and can be extremely lucrative. But many people don’t realize just how many types of opportunities there are for people who work with computers.

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Computer science majors can work in almost any field – the demand is certainly present.

What types of internships are available for computer science majors?

  • Programming: Computer programming is an incredibly in-demand field. There must be talented people to keep our websites, cell phones, tablets and laptops up and running, and creative people to constantly come up with the next big thing. For the most part, the people making technological advancements are people who were interns themselves one day (except for Mark Zuckerberg). Most programming internships are based in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles or Northern California (the infamous Silicon Valley), but there are truly opportunities everywhere.
  • Consulting: Consulting firms flock to the top computer science schools to scoop up the most talented students and teach them the ways of consulting through internships. Technology consultants do pretty much everything – most often they are helping large companies establish IT systems or implement a new software into their operations. Consulting pays very well, and you can expect a higher level of compensation as a consulting intern as well.
  • Hardware and Software Development: There is some overlap with programming here, and many of these internship require computer engineering degrees. The big firms like Apple and Microsoft have great development opportunities. But there are also tons of opportunities with some of the smaller start-ups (especially in Silicon Valley). There’s a risk working with a tech start-up, since technology innovation is a competitive business. Working with a newer company in any industry usually comes with lower wages, and you also have to be ready for some of them to not be successful – and possibly not able to hire you post-internship.
  • Corporate IT: If you having dual interest – like computers and business, or even computers and the arts – you can considering working in IT support for a for-profit or non-profit company. The salaries will vary greatly, but your primary responsibility will be in-house systems and troubleshooting (especially telling people why the printer isn’t working!). You’ll be able to use your degree, and pursue another passion at the same time.

There are many opportunities for computer internships out there, so please continue exploring InternshipFinder!


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