Internships in the Entertainment Industry

Welcome to showbiz! The entertainment industry is everywhere you look. All aspects of music, movies, video games, television, radio, and theater make up this exciting niche. This industry is all about image and it’s attractive to lots of potential interns – making it a very competitive place to land a life-changing internship.

Most imagine the daily life of an entertainment intern consists of helping to make executive decisions on the next James Bond film or chitchatting with Hollywood heavy hitters. Unfortunately, most entertainment internships are not like that. Instead they are your opportunity to learn about the entertainment business from the people who work behind the scenes.

Interns typically find work with one of the big entertainment companies like Disney, Viacom, or TimeWarner. There they work at the corporate headquarters and learn about the industry and work on projects with full time professionals.

Types of Entertainment Internships

During an internship in entertainment, interns may cross paths with celebrities, producers, directors, screenwriters, casting directors, lighting crews, musicians, production staff, editors, actors, corporate, art directors, stuntmen, cinematographers, multimedia artists, and talent agents.

These are the people that make up the entertainment industry, but most interns will earn their keep working with teams in marketing, technical direction, management, engineering, research, media systems, public relations, or accounting and finance.

No matter what department you intern in, it should line up with your academic interests and hopefully set you on an exciting career path. Some interns will work side-by-side with seasoned entertainment veterans to see how storyboards are produced, newsletters sent, press releases written, or casting calls organized. There is so much to see and do in this industry.

Featured Entertainment Internship Programs

Interns work in all sorts of cool places – film sets, production studios, offices, parks, and resorts. Places like these are scattered all over the world. It’s all entertainment – how it is incepted, created, produced, presented, and managed – that’s what you’ll be learning about. It’s fun and it’s big business with lots of exciting internships for eager fans.

The entertainment industry has a glitzy reputation, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to live in the limelight during your internship. You can expect to be paid, but not to be living like a king. It’s a competitive industry, but there are lots of perks for interns such as discounts, sneak peaks, admissions, housing and relocation assistance, and more. It all depends on what company you work for and what department you end up in.

If you want to pursue an internship in this trillion-dollar industry, you won’t be disappointed. The world of entertainment is a blast and it always keeps you on your toes trying to give the consumers what they want.

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