Media Internships with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

Anyone with an interest in television should consider throwing his or her hat in the ring at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. An extensive application and interview process lands you a coveted role in any number of prime television spots, like FOX TV, E! or the Disney Channel. And while the competition is fierce, the work won’t disappoint, as the program was named on of the best for "real work" by Fortune magazine.

Interning at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Since placements through the program are extremely diverse, not all will be applicable to English or communications majors. However, those that deal with entertainment reporting, new media and other television news placements are a perfect fit, and few programs offer access to such a broad range of positions. When you apply to the Academy, you will have to choose one internship category. Those best suited to English majors are Development for Television, Episodic Series, On-Air Promotion, Public Relations and Publicity, Television Scriptwriting. Each of these categories will have slightly different requirements (i.e., 4-page scenes for scriptwriting, for example).

How to Apply:

Based in Los Angeles, interns are required to have a vehicle to qualify for an internship. They are paid $4,000 for 6-8 weeks (depending on placement) or summer work. The program is open only to undergraduates and very recent graduates.

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