Getting a Summer Internship

Timing (Programs and Deadlines)

Summer Semesters are by far the most popular for undergraduate internships. Students have the option of working outside of the confines of their class schedule and more companies are typically hiring during the summer months. While it isn’t necessarily easier to get an internship during the summer, there are certainly more options. Just keep in mind that most summer internships stop accepting applications after February 15.

The key to landing the perfect summer internship is starting early. If you are serious about applying to programs, the time to start is right now. The big programs listed in the Top 5 section are competitive, and getting your application in ahead of the rest will give you an advantage. Some Human Resources departments will even cut off applications after a certain number are received, regardless of the posted due-by date.

Now that you know when you should get your application in, you must pay close attention to what each program is asking for. Many will require letters of reference and/or recommendation, which may take a few weeks to obtain from professors or employers (especially during the summer).

It is generally best to think ahead, and ask your favorite instructor for a letter before the semester ends, but if it is too late for that, make the process as easy as possible. Provide your reference with a full job description, email address (or self-addressed stamp envelope for those still using snail mail) and any other useful information about the position.


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