Corporate Internship Programs

By far the most popular and most common types of internships are corporate internships. This is because no matter where you live, from the smallest township to the largest city, corporations area part of your everyday life. Therefore, a business will more than likely be willing to hire interns to bring the into the fold.

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Corporate internships are desirable for a number of reasons. Not only do they offer diverse experiences and placements at all levels, corporations are more likely to pay their interns, and to pay them well. Because of the tendency towards paid interns, corporate internships can often be competitive, but in some cases monotonous. Corporations are more that likely going to have loads of paper work, data entry and menial tasks to perform and have been depending on interns to complete these tasks for a long time.

But the kind of everyday tasks aside, internships with private businesses can fit just about anyone’s needs. In addition to being great for students looking to gain work experience, corporate internships are also appropriate for mid-career changers who might be looking to become up-to-date on some of the latest technology and trends in the office. This makes the pool of interns working in the corporate sector some of the most diverse in terms of age, background and field of study.

There are five important things to know about corporate internships:

  • Corporate Internships are generally paid – however, what kind of pay can vary from job to job, corporation to corporation.
  • Virtually EVERY corporation – Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, and more – has an internship program (or accepts intern applications). This means that your local Walgreens as well as Microsoft might have an opportunity for you. Learn about these top internship programs in our Members section.
  • Corporate internships can be as much about relationships as about the work itself. Make sure that you make a good impression on everyone you work with, not just your boss or internship supervisor.
  • Corporate internships aren’t just for business majors. Many corporate internships can help prepare interns for human service and education fields, among others.
  • The key to being a good intern, is simply putting your work first.

The last point may seem obvious, but there are a few things to consider as a new intern. In addition to being asked to perform tasks that you’ve probably never done before, corporations have a specific culture that also may take some getting used to. There is office pace, which in some cases is frenzied and fast, and in others slow and monotonous. It is also relatively easy to get caught up in office gossip, and to let these outside influences get in the way of your work.

But because internships are created in the interests of ultimately making staff more productive and frankly, turning a higher profit, you must remember what you are there to do, and that is work. This doesn’t mean you can’t be social, have work-friends or even go out for a quick bite with co-workers after hours. Just remember that in the corporate world, the work is always the most important thing. Keeping this in mind can be the key to success as a corporate intern.

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