Guide to Finding College Internships

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Whether you’re fresh out of high school, half-way through your sophomore year at university or even post-grad, you have likely thought about applying for an internship.
With a larger focus on "work experience" and even "experiential learning" in the job market, making yourself competitive to employers is no doubt the number one reason that people (young and old) pursue paying and non-paying internships.

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The evolution and diversification of the job market has certainly resulted in many internship opportunities to choose from. While some may be set on finding an internship with a hefty paycheck, others may forego a salary for experience. Internship placements can mean lots of copying and filing, but can also mean jumping feet first into big computer projects as a Google intern or working directly with people with disabilities at YAI/National Institute for People with Disabilities at an internship in NY City.

College Internship Opportunities

InternshipFinder will guide you through the whole process of finding, keeping and being successful at your internship. From the first tap of the keys for an Internet search to all of the things you should do while on the job, this is the most important stop on your internship journey.


Reasons to Get an Internship