Student Internships with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Perhaps all children at one point dream of becoming and astronaut, flying into space and looking at the world from high above. NASA makes this possible, and provides a number of internship programs to students of all ages to give them the opportunity to find out exactly what makes the space shuttle work. The Kennedy Space Center in Florida is the base of operations for many of NASA’s initiatives, and provides one of the most comprehensive internship programs in the country.

Interning at NASA

NASA offers internships at the Kennedy Space Center to high school, undergraduate and graduate students alike, with the ultimately goal of getting young people interested in pursuing careers in the space sciences. With particular emphasis on the STEM careers, NASA’s internships are designed to coincide with traditional academic years, as well as offering generous compensation. All work is done on site at the center, but NASA’s commitment to learning gives the internship flexibility, allowing students to present their strengths to find the right fit.

How to Apply:

Submit an application online via NASA’s Kennedy Space Center website. NASA places particular emphasis on letters of recommendation, so be sure to have enlist the best person(s) possible. It is also important to note that because NASA is a government agency, the application process will include a background check.

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