Presidential Management Fellowships

This program wishes to attract outstanding men and women from various academic disciplines and career paths who have an obvious interest in and commitment to leadership and management of public policies and programs.

Responsibilities for the Presidential Management Fellowship include ownership of their own learning, career development and advancement.

Fellows will complete 80 hours of formal classroom teaching per year, a 4 to 6 month developmental assignment consistent with their Individual Development Plan, as well as other duties assigned to them.

Application to the Presidential Management Fellowship is conducted annually.

Applications are available for submission online. Deadlines for applications are announced on the website.

Eligible applicants are those students who will meet graduate degree requirements before the end of the academic year corresponding to that year’s application period.

Graduate students must have a variety of quality accomplishments, capacity for leadership, and a commitment to excellence in leadership and managements of policies and programs.

While candidates are accepted from all different disciplines, specific universities and colleges are supported and a list of these major institutions can also be found on the website, along with various other requirements and frequently asked questions regarding the application process.

To learn more about this fellowship or to begin the application process, visit


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