Journalism Student Internships with the New York Times

The New York Times remains the premier news publication in the United States, and their rigorous internship program not only provides an unbeatable resume entry, but an invaluable experience working in the fast-paced world of print journalism. Their 10-week summer internship offers opportunities for reporters, graphic designers & photo journalists as well as editors. While these internships have historically been open only to minority candidates (who were largely unrepresented in print journalism), the programs are now open to sophomores (Thomas Morgan Internships in Graphics, Design and Photography), juniors, seniors, and recent graduates (Morgan Internships and all other programs) of any background.

Interning at the New York Times

High standards at the Times mean there’s a rigorous application process, as well as extensive requirements. Those without daily newspaper experience are rarely accepted into the program.

The James Reston Reporting Fellowship only accepts 4 fellows per summer, and there are thousands of applications received.

However, the rewards are great as reporting fellows are eligible to receive bylines (and possibly a full-time job offer) in one of the most highly circulated newspapers in the world, in addition to the standard salary of $904/week (plus a housing allowance). Having this experience on your resume is sure to open doors.

How to Apply:

Internships are also available for the academic year for academic credit rather than pay. These internships are hosted by many of the Times’ bureau offices in and around New York City. Politically-minded journalists can also apply to the David E. Rosenbaum Reporting Internship in Washington.

Learn more about all New York Times internships at: New York Times Internships.


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