Getting an Internship You’ll Love

Matching Career Goals to Internship Choices

One of the most difficult parts of finding and choosing an internship is thinking ahead to our future career. Most students are just getting their bearings in university when the time comes to leave the comfort of the lecture hall for the office.

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If you’ve chosen your college or post graduate major, you are more than likely ready to get going on your career path. This path begins with the internship.

In this section of InternshipFinder we provide tips to help you get an internship, including:

Internship Timing is Important

They say that timing is everything, and this is especially true for internships. While most people go looking in the summer, you’ll find that great positions are available year-round, and it is possible that there will be less competition in the fall or winter for some of the more competitive placements. As a general rule, you should keep February 15 in mind for summer programs, November 15 in mind for spring programs, and July 15th in mind for fall programs.

You’ll get as much out of your internship as you put into it, making the timing of your internship supremely important to making it a success. If you’re looking for an internship because all of your friends are, or because your parents are telling you that it’s time for you to start thinking about the real job, you could end up resenting it if you aren’t ready.

It is also possible that you have financial obligations that may not allow you to live on an intern salary or on nothing at all.

Did you know that there are part time internships out there, and that some interns work as little as one to two days per week? While this isn’t always the ideal way to learn the ins and outs of a business, it is a solution for those students looking to add an internship to their fall or spring course load.

But for most, the summer internship is the easiest and most practical route. You’ll read more about specific deadlines and research tips, but one this to remember about timing is that it is never too early to line up your internship. Once you have identified the right summer (most interns are juniors or seniors in college), you should begin thinking about how this fits into your overall goals. Are there any classes or workshops that will give you and edge at your internship? Is there a trip or family obligation that you have to take care of over the summer? You should consider the importance of these obligations against the value of an internship to decide the optimal timing.

The best time to get an internship is when you find something you love, something you can picture yourself doing for the summer, and something you feel good about.


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