Internships for Media and Communications Students

There is a lot of lore surrounding the life of the media intern, be it the long nights checking copy at local newspapers, or the crazy assistant duties of PR interns.

Many a movie or book has featured a harried young intern working in the demanding, 24-hour world of today’s media, and the emergence of the Internet and all of the new vehicles for informing masses have created more and more types of internships for students studying Journalism, English, Broadcasting…the list goes on.

Media internships are in high demand, especially due to the media-reliant nature of global society. With every information-innovation (YouTube, Facebook, etc.), dozens of companies pop up to take advantage of targeted interest in a new product.

Students in media disciplines lean toward the creative, so having new and interesting outlets for expression, plus the desire to learn more about how these places work from the inside, make for a varied and comprehensive internship landscape.

Featured Media & Communications Internship Programs

Let’s admit something upfront: Media internships also tend to be on the lower end of the pay spectrum. This isn’t necessarily because companies are stingy or uncaring, but it mirrors the nature of the industry in general. Media isn’t finance, and people typically entering at the bottom floor and work their way up. And this includes people with bachelors, and even masters degrees in their field.

An important lesson in any internship search is that money isn’t everything. If your definition of the “perfect internship” is simply “one that pays well,” you might be selling yourself short. There are so many things that you can get out of an internship that have nothing to do with finances, and this is especially true in the world of media.

This has a lot to do with how much of media skill is learned on the job. It’s a fast paced environment, where connections and knowledge of specific markets is crucial. You can learn a ton about the business and operations of newspaper (in addition to honing your writing skills), but think about how much more you will learn in your first week as a intern? You’ll become aware of who the major players are on your beat, how to get the best quotes, and who are the go-to sources of information. This will uniquely position you for a full-time position later on, and is well worth the rate of pay.

If you are looking for the best media internships around, please read on here at We’ll feature both paid and unpaid internships across all media-related majors, as well as tips for how to find them (and how to keep them).


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