Intern Abroad

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at your school, or you’ve already graduated, the first place to check out on the web is Intern Abroad. Along with its fellow sites "VolunteerAbroad" and "WorkAbroad" (under the larger umbrella), Intern Abroad is one of the most comprehensive listings of international internships on the web.
These listings include volunteer programs that offer credit, internship placement programs, as well as some stand-alone organizations looking for interns. You can narrow down the hundreds of offerings by location, and nearly all countries are represented.

You can also search by internship type, and offerings are available for anything from bio-medical research to fashion.

For many, it will be just as important to get appropriate work experience as it will to gain the international perspective, and GoAbroad’s InternAbroad‘s useful search tool makes finding the right program relatively simple.

While you’ll find many of the internships listed here geared towards undergraduates looking to combine their internship with a study abroad experience, there are also some dynamic non-profit agencies looking for post-grad students willing to work for credit rather than money. If you are an undergraduate, make sure you watch out for expensive placement agencies; it is often possible to find similar placements through your school, at a much lower cost to you!

In addition, InternAbroad offers the added service of partnering with discount airfare and lodging providers, making it a one stop shop for trip planning. You will also find advice and tips written by current travelers that can give some insight in to what your experience holds for you.


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