Internships with the NFL

The National Football League is the premier league for professional American football in the United States and around the world. Since 1920, players have taken to the gridiron to compete. Currently there are 32 teams scattered across the US that play games during a 17-week schedule, plus, several weeks of playoffs. The season runs from September to February.

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The rest of the year, the NFL stays busy with behind the scenes operations. The NFL is one of the most highly watched sports in the US and it brings in billions of dollars of revenue each year.

The NFL manages the league, supports each member team with business, legal, and operational issues. Each team is its own operating entity, which means there are lots of internship opportunities with both the league and the individual teams.

Interning with the NFL

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to intern with the NFL. Anyone who is fond of football and sports is welcome. NFL interns work in a variety of departments where they learn the ins and outs of the sports business and how that business keeps 120 million fans happy.

Most internships with the NFL take place in New York City, but the member clubs are located in major cities all over the country. The NFL offers a Summer Internship Program that introduces interns to a variety of different departments such as Communications & Public Affairs, Community Affairs, Consumer Products, Events, Finance & Accounting, Football Operations, HR, IT, Internal Audit, International, Labor & Legal, Marketing & Sales, and Media. Interns move around to different positions, work with mentors, network, and hear speakers. It is a great internship that explores the entire NFL business.

The NFL also has internships available with NFL Films and a Junior Rotational Program for career minded individuals.

Each NFL team has a variety of internship options that help keep the teams, players, and facilities running and operating smoothly.

How To Apply

Visit the NFL Career Page to find specific instructions on how to apply for each program.

If you are interested in applying for jobs with specific NFL teams, contact the individual teams. Usually internship listings are found on team websites or at

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