Internships with ESPN

Interns at ESPN get to dive right into the athletic world of broadcasting and business. Interns frequently find themselves at sporting events like the X-Games, Belmont Stakes, World Cup, NBA, MLB, NFL, or NHL, along with countless other sporting events. The hard work of interns, under the direction of experienced mentors, is often seen by millions of viewers. If you are passionate about athletics, ESPN may be the perfect internship match for you, but be aware, they are competitive positions to get.

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ESPN offers internship opportunities during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. The summer internship season has the widest variety of options. Applications are due in December. The majority of positions are located in Bristol, CT or New York, NY, with a handful of interns working in Los Angeles, CA.

Interns work full 40-hour workweeks for 10 weeks and are paid accordingly. Some are offered housing if necessary. ESPN prefers to hire interns who are graduating within 12 months of the internship. All interns must be students.

ESPN has a wide range of departments for interns to explore, including:

  • Technology,
  • Creative Services,
  • Content Production,
  • Communications,
  • International,
  • Programming,
  • Digital Media,
  • Stats and Information,
  • Publishing,
  • Sales, and
  • Marketing.

ESPN has a fun blog called the Intern Chronicles where current interns write about their daily life. Read the latest edition here:

How To Apply

Applications are processed online at the ESPN Careers page ( Search for Internships to find current opportunities. Click the link for the internship that interests you to find important details about the position and the link to apply.

ESPN claims on their site that intern applicants may not be contacted because of the vast number of applicants. The internship is a competitive one.

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