Template for a Good Internship Proposal

Internship proposals clearly define the roles and goals of internships. They outline the details and expectations of the student, university, and company. It’s important to write and develop your internship so that you make the most of your work experience. Do you know what you need to include?

College Interns Working on Project

Below is a template of an internship proposal with details about what to include and why. Feel free to use this template to write your internship proposal, but also be sure to consult your university and faculty advisors to confirm that nothing is missing. Every professor wants things just slightly different so be sure to cater to his needs.

Remember that internship proposals are formal documents and you need to treat them as such. Your school may already have a template that they request you to use, but if not, the following may help.

Are you ready to break down the internship proposal into easy to understand parts?

Here you go…

Internship Proposal Outline

Student: Name, Student ID, Address, Phone, Email, Website
Department / Course Number: (School Dependent)
Term Year: Spring 2013
Desired Credit Hours: 6
Company: Company Name, Address, Phone
Internship Supervisor: (Person at the company) Name, Phone, Email
Faculty Advisor: (Person at the school) Name, Phone, Email
Internship Duration: Dates (ex: June 15, 2013 to August 25, 2013 – 10 Weeks)
Hours: 40 hours per week for a total of 400 hours
Compensation: $15 / hour


This section should include a few paragraphs outlining the company and what they do. Research the company and use specific details to illustrate how your academic knowledge will play a role in your position there. Also introduce your Internship Supervisor and give a brief background on his or her experience and position.

Goals and Objectives

This is your opportunity to explain what you want to do during the internship. Describe what you want to learn and achieve. You can write this in paragraph form or use bullet points to highlight the specific things you want to accomplish.

Job Description

Work with your Internship Supervisor to determine exactly what your role will be. What are your responsibilities? What will you do on a daily basis? What projects will you work on? How will you accomplish your goals? How will you be supervised?

Assignments Checklist

This will be determined by your university’s requirements for completion of the internship. It refers to assignments from your professors that must be completed to receive internship credit, such as papers, logs, journals, evaluations, etc. It may also refer to things required by the company.

Student Responsibilities

This outlines the exact requirements from the university in regards to hours, reporting, paper requirements, timelines, etc.

Method of Evaluation

This describes how you will be graded to receive credit.


A brief summation of how the internship will benefit you. It is also your chance to include any additional tidbits that you feel necessary.

Signature Page – Include a place to sign and date for each party. Faculty Advisor, Internship Supervisor, Student, Dean, etc.

When you break the internship proposal down, it’s not too complicated. Take it piece by piece and you’ll have your internship proposal written and completed in no time.


Examples of Internship Proposals