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If you are a student, recent graduate or career-changer, you’ve probably been told “you need to get an internship” or “when are you going to get an internship?”

But you may not be entirely sure what one is, or what to expect. The truth is internships come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s paid or unpaid, for credit or experience, the range of skills that you will gain from an internship job opportunity is great. Most students aren’t aware of all of the elements that do into a successful internship. This website is designed to give you all of the information that you need to be a successful intern.

So what exactly is an internship? An internship is an on-the-job learning experience, where students, new professionals or career changers learn the ropes of a career-field while working full- or part-time. Interns generally perform entry-level tasks while taking part in skills development activities as part of the internship experience. Some internships are paid, while others give you college credit.

From search to finish, many components go into the internship process. On this site, you will find virtually all of the information you might need to get started, as well as tips, tricks and advice to make sure that you make the most out of your internship placement. This includes:

You may ask yourself, why bother getting an internship? Why not just get a paying job? An internship is more than just a way to develop skills; it is the first step in growing as a professional. Through the process of researching potential internship positions or internship programs, writing your resume, interviewing and working, you’ll take the first steps into becoming more responsible, becoming more independent and figuring out what kind of career you might want to ultimately pursue.

We provide internship descriptions as well as advice for pursuing intern opportunities. Using our Job Board you’ll be able view hundreds of employer profiles and search a list of Featured Internship opportunities.

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  • A detailed guide full of up-to-date information about finding a great intership. Many of your pressing questions will be answered. (includes detailed overview specific industries & the work; insider tips on how to find interships; interviews with employers; and more!).
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  • Pay and benefits information. Find out which types of jobs frequently include room and board or even travel reimbursement.
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