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  • Elektrolitny drive, 3B b.6, Russian Federation
  • October 30, 2018

Company Information

We are the first media about the future and how to make money on it. We will tell not only about the most advanced scientific ideas and developments, but also how to apply them right now. Science and business must move together, hand in hand, we will help them to take them. Our work is based on the following principles.

Maximum value.

Each article, each new TechPack material is designed to give the reader maximum value and can potentially be converted into money or a new business. Together with the material, the reader gets possible points of contact with other areas, analytics of an already existing market or the potential volume of a non-existing one. The rest is up to you.

Without idealization.

We will not try to make the new messiahs from the scientists, to show the entrepreneurs as the prophets of the third millennium. Everything looks much more mundane. There are new scientific achievements, there is a market that is interested in this. TechPack is an intersection between them, our mission is to make this process as simple and intuitive as possible.

Beyond the borders.

Breakthrough technology can appear anywhere: be it Mexico, Russia, Luxembourg or the United States. For us, the nationality of a person is not important, because the more we break up in flocks - the less there is in the world of mutual understanding. All the more danger to all mankind. We believe that all people on Earth should cooperate, that all borders between countries should be erased, because only in this world peace is possible. And we must create the future together.

Zero aggression.

Let's be honest, progress is not only about the piece. Military technologies are also striding forward. But we fundamentally will not talk about technologies created for war. About technologies created to cause pain to others. Science must create, not destroy. So you will not see any materials about combat robots, lasers, and increasingly sophisticated weapons. This is not a future.

For each.

We will show how a new wave of technologies and 4 industrial revolution will affect any of our readers. The only question is who will have time to join it. We believe that anyone can grasp the progress by the tail. Each. You just have to dare.

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