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Leadership, Career Coaching and Recruiting Company.

At Renaissance Solutions, we take pride in the fact that we have successfully connected countless job seekers and hiring managers. With more than a 90% track record filling positions, we manage to build a trusting relationship with both job seekers and hiring managers.

Everyone has the power of attraction. Our career counseling plan will teach you easily implemented methods to take responsibility for managing your career. Don’t wait until you are out of work, stressed out or frustrated to revitalize your career. Even if you currently work for someone else, think of yourself as an entrepreneur. Accept and work with change. It’s likely that you will have several careers during your life, possibly as a result of changes outside of your control.

We provide sufficient interview training with techniques that are proven to work. This unique approach produces results because recruiting from both the hiring managers’ and candidates’ perspective facilitates an optimal match of candidate skills, strengths and interests with job opportunities.

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