Planet Cents, Inc.

Cents for You . . . Sense for Our Planet!
  • Virtual, CA
  • September 12, 2020

Company Information

A for-profit, tech platform uniting individuals and organizations worldwide to take sustainability actions to reverse climate change.  It includes education, a sustainable products and services marketplace, and volunteering.

Planet Cents - the World’s Largest One-stop B2B2C and B2C Sustainable Products & Services Online Marketplace

Planet Cents,™ unites individuals and business organizations in tackling our global climate crisis, by reducing climate change by taking a number of actions. It does this via its one-stop B2B2C and B2C sustainability hub.  This saves our organizations time and money.

Organizations use our platform as proof of taking climate action. Since they are being pressured by consumers, employees, investors, partners and suppliers, this helps them show that they are taking action.  They may use our solutions as a Customer, Employee, Partner & Supplier Benefit, Gift, Incentive, Recognition &/or Reward.

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