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Melissa S. Myers isn’t new to working hard in changing lives in her community. For more than a decade, she has volunteered her time passionately to building relationships that enable change through neighborhood revitalization.

In the battle against injustice, Melissa has fought for what is right and pushed for action on behalf of those whose voices are not heard.

She is known for spearheading food drives, engaging in civic programs that address issues related to long-term social hardship, and bringing awareness to the inappropriate treatment of members of the City of Ocoee Fire Department.

Melissa was introduced to the political arena as Campaign Manager to Commissioner George Oliver, an incumbent, and the first African American elected official in the City of Ocoee.  Melissa’s smart political guidance was recognized during this re-election campaign, as voters in the district turned out in record numbers to garner a win.

As a business owner and President of Just Write Inc., a staffing firm, Melissa has twenty years experience in the HR and recruitment industry. She founded the non-profit organization Just Write Consulting Inc. that has become highly recognized in providing support and resources for career development, business growth, and achieving success.

In 2020, Melissa released the journal, Making Success a Reality, a spiritual guide for individuals seeking a more successful life.

Melissa states, “I’m not a politician. I am a community leader, taking it to the next level.”  Her goal as Florida State Representative for District 40 is to bring change and empowerment to local communities.

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