Live and Let Live

The world's only real peace movement
  • 3185 South Price Road Chandler, Arizona 85248, Arizona
  • March 16, 2022

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The world’s most important endeavor is underway right now and you are invited to join.  The Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement is a serious effort undertaken by people worldwide who desire to live together in freedom and peace.  We are united by a commitment to oppose all forms of aggression whether instituted by any person, group, organization, or government, and to inspire people to be good humans.  We must succeed.

Despite good-faith disagreements on many issues, if we unite around one fundamental principle, we could achieve and maintain freedom and peace in a way that optimizes human happiness and well-being better than ever previously achieved in human history.

Utopia is not a reasonable goal.  We should recognize and accept life will never be perfect.  However, it could be improved dramatically for the vast majority of people.  There is no need to check your ethics, common sense, or reasonable skepticism at the door.  If you are open-minded, reasonable, and willing to consider a new paradigm for how we govern ourselves, you may be inspired to join the global effort to achieve freedom and peace.

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