Grit Marketing

Built Different
  • Provo, Utah
  • December 2, 2021

Company Information

JUST SO YOU KNOW: We're a lot more chill and fun to work with than all of these corporate boomers ✅

Sales internship for marketing/ business students: Pays $30k-$100k. Commission-based salary. Start in April or May and work through the summer.

The average applicant makes enough to pay for college and graduate debt-free. Some even start investing in real estate on top of that.

Requires travel, and all living accommodations will be made for you. PM me for details

Skills developed:
direct sales
directing meetings
training other employees

The managers are all under 30 years old, so they are a lot more chill and up to speed.
Our goal is to help you become financially independent. You'll receive a lot of information about investing in stocks, real estate, and your own business.

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