Classic Wizard Corp

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Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services Professional Corporation

Classic Wizard Corp. is a provider of tailored professional management and business consultation services, delivering solutions to even the most complex problems.

Founded in 2004, Classic Wizard Corp. represents a departure of antiquated methodologies in order to provide the most acceptable solution anew.

CORE COMPETENCIES____________________________________________________________

+ Professional management and business consultation services

+ Project management, professional services and management solutions
Coordinating with multiple groups to deliver the best valued solution
Securing difficult to obtain items in order to meet specific government needs
Overseeing administrative and operational necessities to effectively complete projects
+ Providing professional opinions on complex or important concerns
Business Strategies
Leadership Guidance
Independent Analysis
Community Relations

Reviewing Paperwork

HIGHLIGHTS ____________________________________________________________________

- 10 years of successful Government contracting
- Founded over 16 years ago

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