Canadian Island

Play, Learn, Grow...Together

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We encourage development through modern pedagogical methods which foster curiosity, creativity, and independence. Our industry-leading inquiry based learning curriculum is provided by our impassioned staff in a variety of welcoming(or diverse) environments.

Canadian Island is a vibrant, safe, and loving community where individuals come to be inspired and learn through art, music, and theater. Our teachers facilitate choices and become partners in learning experiences while they support our students and motivate them to grow into well-rounded individuals.


Resilient, creative, and independent students learn best from teachers they love. 

Inspiring students begins with offering them a home to express their deep sense of wonder. 

Equality, respect, and understanding lead to successful learning for students of any age. 

Unparalleled educational experiences begin in a warm and nurturing environment. 

People from different walks of life need a community to share skill sets and a language-rich setting to build deep and lasting relationships.

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