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Help manage BYOTA T.V. social media accounts and posts content.  Non Paid Internships. Multiple Positions Available.

We are a new streaming TV available via Roku rapidly gaining notice. BYOTA T.V. is a warm, welcoming environment that invites new ideas instead of trying to force you into a mold where money is king. We want to bring back traditional values of quality entertainment and education with YOUR help. We want the dreamers, the creative and the unconventional. We have support from an array of artists and creators who have found their content censored or unwanted on legacy media platforms.

Bring your ideas and dreams to the table as we bring a revolution to streaming TV. This is a unique opportunity to not only gain valuable real workplace experience and contacts, but to be on the front end of BYOTA T.V.'s growth. Be part of something new and daring. BE PART OF THE DREAM, ours and yours.

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