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We are Blessing the Children International, a global community that believes every child deserves a chance in life. We're breaking the cycle of poverty for orphans and widows in Ethiopia, Africa through education, love, care, coaching and real change in their lives and in the generations that follow.

Serving an internship with Blessing the Children International (BCI) is the right choice if you're looking for more than just work experience you could get from interning in your home country. By choosing BCI, you will experience and gain insights into the culture of Ethiopia and to the global community at large. It's the type of adventure and work experience you just can't get at home.

An internship is a fantastic way to obtain important job skills and international understanding. Foreign internships really stand out on a résumé as proof that you've had a unique, global learning experience that has helped shape your character. Through cross-cultural communications, language and problem solving skills, you will develop and display characteristics that employers want.

Our BCI staff will guide you through the process to ensure a safe and adventurous journey as you step out and follow your heart to serve a people less fortunate in Ethiopia, Africa.

Internships are available in Teaching, Social Work, Medical and Ministry.

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