Top 25 Corporate Internships

Chances are that when you showed up on the first day of college orientation, landing the perfect college internship was not the first thing on your mind. You were more likely thinking about your roommate, and classes...and maybe even parties. But as the college goes on, you start to see the finish line (also known as the real world) drawing closer, and work experience definitely becomes a priority. Securing a great summer internship is one of the best ways to get a jump on your post-grad college search. In addition to developing skills and learning more about your chosen field, an internship allows you to make great connections with people who will be looking to hire eager college grads.

If the thought of finding the perfect internship seems really exciting, you'll probably be interested in the some of the more prestigious scholarship programs out there.

These top corporate internships are usually highly competitive, but can also set you up on the fast track to a great career.

So what are the Top 25 corporate internships?

The companies that hire interns to prestigious programs are often the big name corporations that you read about in the newspaper every day.

And large companies like these are usually hire a number of interns - sometimes well into the hundreds - at locations all around the country. Among the top 10 corporate internships are the following:

If you don't plan on getting your degree in finance or accounting (let's face it, it's not for everyone!), don't worry! There are plenty of corporate internships out there for you. Please check out the rest of for more information about internships that fit every college major, and career path.


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